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Working in partnership with the owners of Australia's most unique properties to bring you genuine, 'one-of-a-kind' holiday experiences.

What you see is what you get. Guaranteed.

Unlike most other online accommodation booking sites, every room and every property you see on Wotusee is the exact room or property you get. All descriptions, all feedback and reviews you read here are 100% honest. Everything we do at Wotusee is driven by a single-minded passion - to deliver you the ultimate accommodation experience.

One-of-a-kind accommodation.

What makes Wotusee so unique is that we work in close partnership with the owners and managers of many of Australia's most unique holiday and rental properties to bring you an extensive and fast-growing range of one-of-a-kind accommodation offerings. No two Wotusee properties are the same. You really do "stay unique" when you stay through us.

We connect you directly with the owner or property manager.

Until now booking online has been a largely impersonal process. With no-one to contact for further details and no option but to trust the imagery and information you were shown, there were no guarantees that the holiday you booked would be holiday you got.
Not anymore.
Because Wotusee shows you exactly what you get and then connectsyou directly with the property owner, your booking and accommodation experience couldn't be more personal or trustworthy.

'Stay unique' with these unbeatable, one-of-a-kind accommodation deals.

Book direct with the property owner now or call us on +61(0)7 4225 5187. Remember, every property featured on Wotusee is the exact property you get!