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Palm Cove Weddings

What comprises a dream wedding, aside from getting married to your one true love? We can list a few: a great weather, good food and good music, beaming guests, THE dress, and, of course, the perfect place or venue.

Beach weddings have always ranked high when it comes to dream weddings, and Queensland has become a popular destination for couples who want to tie the knot in the perfect location. Palm Cove, in particular, has drawn people from far and wide with its tropical paradise charm. In fact, it has even earned the title “Australia’s cleanest beach”.

This village by the sea gives off a quiet and relaxing vibe, evoking romance and promises of forever. One glimpse of the beaches dotted with palm trees that gave the village its name, and one cannot help but imagine walking (maybe even barefoot!) down the aisle on the sand and reciting one’s wedding vows under the sun and sky, with family and friends around to witness this special day.

Palm Cove Weddings

You cannot completely fake a tropical atmosphere for your wedding, and why should you, when there is a tropical paradise waiting in Palm Cove to host your big day?

Here are some of the many things you can expect from having your wedding at the beachfront village of Palm Cove.

  • Choice wedding venues and locations. Take your pick from a variety of wedding venues, from a chapel by the sea, a secluded cove, or out in the open sandy beach, beneath the palm trees. If you don’t want it by the beach, you can also have it at a rainforest garden or in the more formal setting inside a hotel function room or hall.
  • Fine dining and fine wine for your guests. There are many restaurants and catering services you can hire to provide the best food and drinks for everyone who will join you in one of the best days of your lives.
  • Wedding service providers. Save yourself from unnecessary stress by hiring the services of wedding planners in planning every detail of your Palm Cove wedding. This will leave you time to simply enjoy being in Palm Cove and look forward to your big day.
  • Holiday for your guest. Imagine how memorable it would be if your guests felt like they were on a holiday and not just attending a wedding? WotUSee will make this come true for you without having to spend too much.

The Perfect Palm Cove Honeymoon

After having the most beautiful wedding ever, there are still a lot of things that newlyweds can do while in Palm Cove. It is also, most definitely, the perfect honeymoon destination, to cap off the dream wedding that just came true.

  • Explore Cairns. The city of Cairns is just 27 kilometers away, so you can actually spend a day or two exploring the city and check out what it has to offer. Go on a hot air balloon ride together, or go wild on a 4-wheel drive run.
  • Visit the Great Barrier Reef. Go on a cruise or take a scenic helicopter tour, whichever takes your fancy. Or, if you’re feeling more adventurous, try getting up-close and personal with marine life with some snorkeling.
  • Discover wildlife and local history. You can visit Hartley’s Crocodile Farm or walk around the Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park to learn more about the area. You can even go on a night wildlife tour in Atherton Tablelands.

Alternatively, you can choose to just chill out and enjoy the tranquil beauty of Palm Cove with your beloved, and congratulating yourself for choosing Palm Cove for your wedding.

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